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4 Health Conditions That May Benefit From A Keto Diet

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First introduced in the 1920s, ketogenic (keto) diets have become incredibly popular nowadays. Focusing on a high-fat and low-carbon principle, keto diets aim to push your body into ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic process where fats are burned, instead of glucose. Often, a keto diet is practised for weight-loss purposes, when in fact, the diet may also benefit several health conditions. This article will take a deep-dive into some of these health conditions.

1. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disease that causes seizures due to excessive brain activity. A keto diet serves as a treatment option for those with epilepsy who show no improvements after taking anti-seizure medications (ASMs), as revealed by a source article. By going on a keto diet, the number or severity of seizures of epilepsy patients is reduced. Researchers show that seizures generally improve in around 50% of epilepsy patients who are on the keto diet. Compared to other health conditions that may benefit from a keto diet, epilepsy by far has the most supportive evidence regarding findings.

2. Diabetes

Often, people with diabetes type 1 and 2 will see their blood sugar levels reduce significantly, when they are on a keto diet. This is because a very low-carb diet like a keto diet can regulate blood sugar, as revealed by studies. More stable blood sugar levels are observed in diabetic patients as keto diets minimise large fluctuations in the levels, improving insulin sensitivity. As keto diets are increasingly practised today, the popularity of keto restaurants in Singapore is also growing. Therefore, getting nourishing and healthy keto meals locally has been made easy.

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3. Obesity

Keto diets combat obesity by providing appetite-suppressing effects. The effects come from ketosis, a metabolic state that occurs when you go on a keto diet. A period of low-carb, calorie-restricted keto diets help to control hunger, while inducing keto dieters to consume fewer calories. At the same time, fat oxidative metabolism can also be improved.

4. ​​Certain cancers

Most cancer cells feed off carbs or blood sugar for mutation and growth. To fight cancers, therapies that target the biological differences between cancer cells and normal cells are generally used. The key to fighting cancer is to “starve” cancer cells by reducing blood sugar, which is in line with the purpose of keto diets. The long-term effects of this “starvation” may slow down the growth of cancer cells and shrink them, eventually letting them die off themselves. In other words, the diet selectively “kills” tumours by providing the fat and protein that otherwise could not be used by glucose-dependent tumour cells.

With the great availability of keto food delivery in Singapore, embarking on your keto journey is made easy. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, as such, we recommend beginning your keto journey today for good health!

Ketogenic diets may yield improved results in some disorders, thanks to their beneficial effects on metabolic health and the nervous system. Nonetheless, high-quality, in-depth research is still required to validate medical case studies that indicate these positive results from keto diets.

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