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Our passion lies in making great tasting keto-compliant bakes to fill your ‘dessert stomach’ and also mouth-watering savoury pastries to warm your stomach when you need that salty boost. It might sound odd to some that while we are promoting a low carb diet, we are in the baking industry. Surprisingly, there are various baking supplies in the market that can be used to make keto pastries. There are grain-free flour, natural alternative sweeteners, and also gluten-free ingredients. With that, we crafted delicious baked goods that involve less to no carbs or sugar, making a perfect pantry supply for people who are shifting to the keto diet.

​While ‘There will always be room for dessert’, we find that savoury pastries also find it’s way to the heart of our stomach. Our loyal customers are often looking for bread, cookies, tarts, and other pastries that they can bring to their offices for lunch breaks and snacks. That’s why we added those products to our sweet collections.

Trust us. That we will always try to strike the perfect balance between taste and nutrition, so you can have your cake and eat it; literally.

Most people undergoing the keto diet are having medical conditions that call for less sugar and carbs. Diabetic patients, people suffering from liver problems, and the elderly are among the people who are being encouraged by medical experts to minimize glucose consumption in their daily meals. That is proven to be very difficult in today’s world where almost everything we eat contains sugar. For this very reason, we started a keto bakery in Singapore that offers sugar-free baked goods without compromising the taste. We use natural sugar substitutes in our bakes that will not spike up your blood sugar level. Our bakes are freshly baked to order and contain no artificial colouring and preservatives.

Regular wheat-based ingredients are substituted with premium grain-free flour such as almond and coconut flour making our bakes low in carbohydrates. As the keto diet is popular for its low carb principle, it is only fitting to offer low carbs bread, pastries, cakes and cookies on our menu. Fret not about the taste and texture of our low carbs products. Despite having low to no carbs and sugar-free, we can guarantee that each treats we offer in our bakery are great-tasting and as delectable as their sugar-filled counterparts.

Whole Food Only 

/Keto-Meal Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.

Our Keto-meals are designed to use only whole food ingredients with no colouring or preservatives. They are as fresh as you can get out of a home kitchen. Being keto enthusiasts, we learned by heart that healthy foods are prepared with healthy ingredients. That being said, we are always ensuring that aside from being high grade, our raw products are tested safe, all naturals and meet the standard set by our health and wellness institutions. Let us help you reduce weight, keep a good blood sugar level, and maintain a healthy lifestyle with our delicious keto foods here at Ange Bakes Keto!

What Is The Keto Diet?

In short, a ketogenic diet is a very strict high-fat, moderate-protein and low-carbohydrates diet.

The very principle behind the keto diet is quite simple. Our body needs the energy to function and we often get this energy from glucose and carbs with our Asian diet. The goal of the keto diet is to supply the needed energy using good fats as an alternative to carbohydrates.

When you limit your carbohydrate intake, your body eventually enters a state known as ketosis where your body burns fats for energy, instead of carbohydrates. Recommended daily consumption of carbohydrates are limited to 20g per day for the body to stay in ketosis.

Why Choose Keto?

You probably have heard of or read about the keto diet in social media, health blogs, health talk shows, and food magazines etc. Since the start of the decade, the Keto diet is among the dietary programmes which is gaining rapid popularity by people in Singapore and worldwide. Ange Bakes Keto Bakery is fueled with the passion of delivering keto products to those who are seeking the keto diet whether out of medical needs or their own preferences. As keto diet enthusiasts ourselves, we want to promote this healthier way of eating with our offering of keto-compliant cakes and meals.

Ange Bakes Keto Bakery and Cafe in Singapore

The Happy Keto Place

We are a two (wo)men team with the setup of this first Ketogenic Bakery & Cafe. 

Our dream is to make the Ketogenic Way of Eating (WOE) achievable and sustainable for ketonians.  We know just how hard it is and have since embarked on a quest to keep our costs low, hunting for the finest ingredients at their best price and embracing a no-frills packaging concept.  Our passion also delights in promoting awareness of healthier eating through sharing the ketogenic diet with the local community. 

Journey with us as we grow our team and operations, bringing delicious ketogenic bakes and meals closer to you.


Our Keto-meals and bakes are not only suited for the Keto Community, they are also suited for the diabetics and friends who are on a low carbs diet, as the goal of reducing carbs and glucose in the body is aligned.


The ketogenic way of eating is not limited to just those on this diet but to anyone who simply want to seek out healthier food options.

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