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Keto Fried Kway Tiao

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At Ange Bakes Keto Bakery Singapore, we bake with premium grain-free flour and natural sweetener, using only keto-compliant ingredients.

Many benefits come along with our strict Keto baking. Using grain-free flour means that our bakes are gluten-free* and much lower in carbohydrates. Our selection of natural sweeteners also makes our bakes diabetic-friendly

We are passionate about helping people shift to a ketogenic and low-carb lifestyle to enjoy its many benefits.

Apart from being a dedicated Keto bakeshop, our keto cakes and pastries also cater to individuals with gluten-intolerant, diabetes and anyone seeking to eat healthier by reducing sugar and carbs intake.


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*Non-gluten-free bakes will be highlighted. Please always check the ingredients listing if you have any food sensitivity or allergies.

Try our keto mini mooncakes. Available flavours like Black Sesame, Egg Yolk with Melon Seeds and Raspberry Macademia. 

Avocado Salad

Getting back on the keto diet?

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Our best selling Ugly Keto Curry Puffs, along with Sardine and Tuna Puffs is a popular choice when it comes to savoury keto baked goods.

Ange's Recommendation

With a cheesy crust and hot spicy curry chicken filling baked to perfection, our Ugly Keto Curry Puff is a must-try on our menu.

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Try our Sugar-free Keto Bread! No sugar/honey is used to feed the yeast.

*This item is not gluten-free.

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Do you miss eating pizza? Now we have it! Introducing our Keto Pizza Roll with sugar-free chicken ham and tomato paste.

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Choose among our six delicious flavors; peanut butter, banana walnut, blueberry, orange macadamia, chocolate chunks, or double chocolate chips.

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About The Keto Diet

You might have come across the term “keto diet” when researching online for a healthier diet. This form of diet is gaining popularity in Singapore and other parts of the world.

In short, a ketogenic diet is a very strict high-fat, moderate-protein and low-carbohydrates diet. When you limit your carbohydrate intake, your body eventually enters a state known as ketosis where your body burns fats for energy, instead of carbohydrates. Recommended daily consumption of carbohydrates are limited to 20g per day for the body to stay in ketosis.

Aside from the weight reduction, it is also popular for the elderly and people suffering from diabetes and pre-diabetes as it can manage blood glucose level very effectively. With all the benefits of the keto diet, it is no wonder that people enjoy shifting to this lifestyle. Want to start your keto diet? Check out the options we provide in our Keto Bakery Section to help you along the way in your keto journey.


What is Allulose?

Allulose, chemically known as D-psicose, is one of Ange Bake’s preferred choice for sweetener to be used in our bakes.


Low-Carb Bread Alternatives

Bread has been a staple for many generations and is a key component of many people’s diets.


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