Keto Tuna Mayo Puff (Box of 6)

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Keto Tuna Mayo Puff!

There is just something between Tuna and Mayo, they go so well together! Together with our signature Ugly Keto Curry Puff Crust, this is another must try item!

Comes in a box of 6 Tuna Puffs.

Net Carbs: 3.2g each

Ingredients: Mozerella Cheese, Almond Flour, Egg, Tuna, Mayonnaise (no sugar), Onion, Black Pepper

Macros: Calories, 270.71kcal | Fats, 17.88g | Protein, 20.25g | Fibre, 1.56g | Sugar, 1.63g | Sugar Alcohol, 0.00g | Total Carbs, 4.84g

Serving/Storing Information
All our bakes are freshly baked and contain no preservatives.

  • Best served warm.
  • Keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.
  • Freeze recommended to prolong shelf life.
  • Consume within a day if kept at room temperature.

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