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Where to find sugar-free CNY goodies

Sugar-free Kuah Lapis
Keto Kuah Lapis

With Chinese New Year around the corner, you can see more big and red firecrackers being hung, more Spring Couplets (春联) with auspicious writings being pasted, and more nurseries selling cherry blossoms and pussy willows.

Walk along the crowded streets of Chinatown, and you shall find long snaking queues forming in front of shops selling CNY goodies like Nian Gao (年糕) and kueh bangkit. You can also see fashion boutiques boasting their elegant rose dresses and smart red shirts.

At the supermarket, feast your eyes on the wide spread of CNY food, from the massive prepacked yu sheng (鱼生) platters brimming with ingredients, to the pink and plum longevity lotus seed buns (寿桃). Your neighborhood's wet market may also be filled with families shopping for ingredients for their reunion dinner. Hold on, have you gotten your leek and fish yet? Hurry, before they are all snatched up!

Nevertheless, as we prepare for this festive Chinese New Year, let us not lose sight of the people whom we are preparing for. This is a priceless time when we get to exchange greetings and catch up with our cousins, relatives, and other extended family members.

Since these are loved ones whom we do not see regularly, their lifestyle and dietary requirements may have shifted, with some going on new diets like the Keto diet to maintain their health.

We understand that may be hard for them to cope with these diets, especially with all the high-sugar new year goodies around. At Ange Bakes is where you can find a wide range of traditional CNY goodies but without added sugar and preservatives.

CNY barbaque chicken jerky
Sugar free Bak Kwa

Relish and indulge in our mouthwatering almond cookies and exquisite ondeh-ondeh cookies, while feasting on our savory and juicy sugar-free bak kwa for a gratifying and heavenly experience. Munch on our sugar-free delectable pineapple tarts too! Kueh Lapis is also a must-have during the lunar new year in Singapore. Our sugar-free version is a great choice to have while hosting your guests during the festive gatherings.

We promise the perfect guilt-free experience for your loved ones this Lunar New Year!



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