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Find Diabetic-friendly & Sugar-free Mooncakes in Singapore.

Diabetic-friendly mooncake singapore
Sugar-free Mooncakes Singapore

With a rise in people looking for healthier eating options, we see more low-sugar mooncake options available this year.

Ange Bakes Keto Mooncakes are, however, not your usual low-sugar mooncakes. We follow a strict keto recipe in making them sugar-free, gluten-free and diabetic-friendly. They are great for diabetes, those on a low-carb diet and individuals who are gluten-intolerant. We will discuss the ingredients in a bit.

Ange Bakes At Jewel Mooncake Booth
Mid-Autumn Festival Singapore

So How Do We Make Keto Mooncakes That Are Gluten-free And Diabetic-friendly?

With a love for sweet desserts, we wanted to enjoy this traditional delight too, but without sugar. Many man-hours are spent on R&D with almost a complete swop of ingredients to make these keto mooncakes we uniquely called ours. Our Keto Mini Mooncakes are “ketofied” by replacing traditional sugar-laden lotus paste with our proprietary nut butter paste. Sugar is replaced with sweetener; allulose and erythritol which are plant-based and do not spike blood sugar.

Ingredients Let’s talk ingredients, shall we? The main ingredients are totally different from the traditional baked mooncakes. Here we go:

1. Coconut flour

2. Almond flour

3. Eggs

4. Xanthan gum – acts as a binder

5. Erythritol–occurs naturally in some fruit and fermented foods. It is 60–70% as sweet as sugar and does not affect blood sugar.

6. Allulose – a “cousin” of sugar but doesn’t get metabolized in the body because of its chemical structure. Read our blog here for a detailed write-up.

7. Monkfruit Sweetener – A popular natural sweetener made from Lou Han Guo. This year, we have chosen to use Zest Zero Honey+.

Ange Bakes Allulose

Our key ingredient list is pretty simple, isn’t it? Less is best they say. 😊

Does keto mooncake taste like regular mooncake? Well, we will have to manage some expectations here. No, they wouldn’t. Simply because they are made with totally different ingredients. But…we would say that our keto mooncakes are still very pleasant to the taste buds, and we have received many positive feedbacks for the past 3 years since we started making them. The crust is not too hard or dry, and the nutty filling has a texture that is almost as close to the usual lotus paste, if we may say so.

Keto Mooncakes Are Lower In Carbohydrates Our keto mooncakes contain less than 5g of net carbohydrates, per 50g serving (mini mooncake size), as compared to approximately 30g in a traditional baked mooncake of the same size. *Please note that the nutrition information is just an estimation*

How to Store Keto Mooncakes

1. Age them - Like the traditional baked mooncakes, they taste best after aging for a few days. They will become moister, and the flavor will develop further.

2. They can be kept at room temperature in an air-tight container or our sealed pouch for up to 2 weeks.

3. For longer storage, you can transfer them to a freezer bag and they can be kept in the freezer for up to one month

4. When ready to serve, simply thaw them at room temperature to soften

This year, we have added some fruity tanginess to our proprietary nut butter paste recipe. Choose from Mixed Berries with Yolk, Black Sesame (for the fans), and our last year’s favourite, Raspberry Macadamia.

They are definitely a healthier choice to delight in during this Mid-Autumn Festival. Head over to our Keto Mooncake Section to preorder yours today. While stock lasts.


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