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4 Reasons To Get An Eggless Birthday Cake For Your Upcoming Celebration

4 Reasons To Get An Eggless Birthday Cake For Your Upcoming Celebration

Ever heard of an eggless birthday cake and wondered what it is?

Just like its name suggests, an eggless birthday cake is made entirely without the use of eggs. They are usually substituted with another ingredient to emulate the same taste and texture as any other cake.

While it is a less heard of option compared to conventional cakes that are more readily available, there are many reasons why getting an eggless birthday cake in Singapore would be better.

Read on to find out more!

1. Eggless birthday cakes cater to more people

One of the most important aspects of hosting a birthday party is having to ensure that you are aware of the dietary requirements of your guests as food allergies can pose serious health consequences.

In fact, eggs are one of the most common allergy-causing foods in children but that is not to say adults are immune to it. Symptoms of an egg allergy can appear after eating anything containing eggs and may even cause a life-threatening reaction.

Hence, ordering an eggless birthday cake for your celebration gives you peace of mind that it caters to everyone from young to old.

2. Eggless birthday cakes are a healthier alternative

A common substitute for eggs in cakes is the use of plain yoghurt to replicate the fluffy texture that we are all familiar with. Thankfully, this yoghurt substitute is also a healthier alternative to egg yolks that are higher in cholesterol.

Cakes without eggs also reduces the chances of salmonella which causes food poisoning and are lower in sodium (egg whites contain about 403mg of salt).

So if you or your guests are looking for a healthier option, an eggless birthday cake will be the best addition to any party.

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3. Eggless birthday cakes are suitable for tastebuds of all ages

Albeit cakes made without eggs tend to be harder to bake as more effort is required to achieve the right sponginess and taste, bakers have already mastered the perfect recipe that will suit all tastebuds before selling them.

Some other common substitutes bakers use include silken tofu and apple sauce so there will not be that subtle eggy smell and taste you get with your usual cakes.

If your main concern about eggless birthday cakes is that they will not be as delicious as a conventional cake, then we are happy to report that there is no need to worry!

4. Eggless birthday cakes prevent indigestion

Apart from being top in the list of foods causing most allergies, egg yolks that are high in fat content may also cause acid reflux, a common symptom of indigestion.

As it is impossible to ascertain if a cake was baked entirely using just egg whites or egg yolks were also added, the safer choice would be to consume an eggless birthday cake instead.

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