Low-Carbs & Diabetic-friendly Chicken Bak Kwa, 500g (Chilled)

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Bak Kwa, which is traditionally barbecued pork jerky is extremely popular during our Lunar New Year. However, the carbs and sugar content are usually on the high side to make this delicacy very tasty.

This year, we are proud to launch our very own Low-Carbs & Diabetic-friendly Chicken Bak Kwa! Keto compliant ingredients are carefully selected to keep net carbs to the lowest. These Chicken Bak Kwa are 100% sugar-free and diabetic-friendly.

Why chicken? - Because we do not use pork or lard in our kitchen.
Why chilled? - Our Bak Kwa are served chilled in a vacuum pack to prolong shelf life as there is no sugar content to work as a natural preservative.

!Warning! - Please consume in moderation as carbs
content are still on the higher side due to the amount of seasoning typically
used in the making of Bak Kwa. And these are highly additive!
😋 Recommended serving - 2 to 3 pieces per day.

Ingredients: Chicken, organic tamari, N40 fish sauce, 5-spice powder, shaoxing wine, white pepper, xylitol and allulose.

Macros (per 100g serving): Calories 330kcal | Fats 13.1g | Protein 37.2g | Total Carbs 23.7g | Net Carbs 9.9g

Please Note:

We do not use any sugar in our bakes, the number (if any) in the table above refers to naturally-contained sugar in the listed ingredients.

Carbohydrates from allulose and sugar alcohols from erythritol are not included in our calculation. These natural sweeteners are typically not metabolised into glucose.

All our bakes are handcrafted; the above-stated nutritional information are an approximate value for your reference only.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new diet if you have existing medical conditions.

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