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Ange Bakes - Keto Mushroom Soup (Frozen)

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Free Ange Bakes Keto Croutons with each promo pack of 3.

Improved recipe with lower net carbs at 2.7g/200ml serving.

Keto Mushroom Soup in convenient frozen pack. You can now enjoy a warm keto-friendly mushroom soup to go along with any of your meals.

Using a mix of king oyster and white button mushrooms and a variety of herbs, this rich tasting soup makes a filling yet light side dish to go along with your main meal. Serve with some of our keto croutons.

Our Keto-meals are designed to use only whole food ingredients with no colouring or preservatives. They are as fresh as you can get out of a home kitchen. Many thoughts are put in to keep the carbs as low as possible without compromising taste.

Pack size: 200ml each (This is a side dish portion)

Recommended serving instruction:
Step 1 - Thaw to room temperature or defrost using microwave. Remove content from packaging.
Step 2 - Heat over stove or 2 minutes in microwave.
Step 3 - Add salt to taste according to your preference.
Step 4 (Optional) - Add a few drip of truffle oil and Ange Bakes Keto croutons.

Net Carbs: 2.7g per serving

Ingredients: King oyster mushrooms, white button mushroom, garlic, onion, bay leaves, dried oregano, dried thyme, unsalted butter, pomace olive oil, heavy cream, salt and water

Macros(Serving Size: 200ml) : Calories, 209kcals | Fats, 20.6g | Protein, 2.7g | Net carbs 2.7.g

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