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Keto Mixed Berry Jam - 170ml

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Product Details

Enjoy our new own homemade mixed berry jam, a mix of sweet and sour flavour. Definitely goes well with our Keto Loaf Bread or Sesame Burger Buns.

Net Carbs: 24.82g per bottle of 170ml 

Ingredients: Mixed Berries & Allulose

Macros: Calories, 164.36g | Fats, 5.65g | Proteins, 6.10g | Total Carbs, 29.72g | Fibre, 4.90g | Net Carbs, 24.82g

Serving/Storage Information

Our Keto-Spreads contain no artificial colouring and preservatives.

  • Store bottled jam in the refrigerator.
  • Best consumed within 14 days.

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