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Keto Mini Mooncake - Raspberry Macadamia (Box of 6)

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Enjoy this refreshing sweet-sour raspberry Keto mooncake with crunchy macadamia bits for added texture.

Our Keto Mini Mooncakes are made with our proprietary nut butter paste to replace the traditional lotus paste and are loaded with nutritious nuts, seeds and without any refined sugar. These mini mooncakes are also diabetic-friendly.

Traditional baked mooncakes are usually high in carbohydrates (approx 30g of carbs). A keto mooncake typically has less than 5g net carbs per 50g serving. *Please note that the nutrition information is just an estimation*

Give these guilt-free mooncakes a try.

Ange Bakes Keto Mini Mooncakes - Raspberry Macademia (Box of 6)
Serving size: 50g each (4.5cm diameter). Comes in a box of 6. Preservative-free.
* Items included are fixed and cannot be changed.

TO NOTE: Picture shown is for illustration purposes only. Colours may differ in actual product.

Storage: Keep at a cool dry place and consume within 2 weeks from date of collection/delivery. Bring to room temperature 30mins before consuming if refrigerated.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information
Raspberry Macadamia
Ingredients: Almond Flour, Butter, Allulose, Raspberry Powder, Macadamia Nut, Mixed Berries Compote
Macros per mooncake (50g) : Calories, 118.88g | Fats, 8.73g | Protein, 2.75g | Fibre, 2.39g | Sugar, 0.86g | Sugar Alcohol, 1.18g | Total Carbs, 4.69g | Net Carbs, 1.43g

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