Keto Egg Mayo Sandwich

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Need a quick and easy keto meal? Try our Keto Egg Mayo Sandwich*!

At Ange Bakes Keto, we believe in using simple wholesome ingredients. This keto sandwich is made using our popular Keto Bread slices filled with creamy sugar-free egg mayo filling. It's an easy meal option whether you are on the go or busy working from home.

Add on our Keto Mushroom Soup as a side if you like.

* This sandwich is not gluten-free.

Storage: Keep refrigerated and consume within 2 days. Freezing not recommended.

Ingredients: Ange Bakes Keto Bread (2 slices), eggs, mayonnaise (sugar-free), salt & pepper.
Macronutrients: Calories 517.16g | Fats 32.28g | Protein 42.38g | Total Carbs 14.25g | Fibre 9.85g | Sugar 0.42g | Sugar Alcohol 4.14g | Net Carbs Per Sandwich 4.40g

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