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Keto Croutons - 20g Pack

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Product Details

Keto Croutons made with the same recipe as our popular Keto Loaf Bread. You can eat it on its own or add to any soup of your choice.

It's low carbs, sugar-free and diabetic-friendly.

Net Carbs: Approx. 2.3g per pack

Ingredients: Vital Wheat Gluten, Oat Fibre, Grass Fed Butter, Eggs, Almond Flour, Inulin, Yeast, Xanthan Gum, Erythritol

*Please note that this item is not gluten-free. Photos for illustration only. Actual product color may differ due to photo lighting conditions.

Serving/ Storage Information

Unopened Pack - Store up to 3 weeks at a cool dry place. Once opened - Please keep in airtight container.

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